This 6-Module online course supports facilitators in the implementation of the EQ2 program with direct care staff, providing the necessary training and support to lead effective and high-impact groups.

  • Facilitator Introduction

    Introduction to EQ2
    Implementing EQ2
    Using the EQ2 App
    Using Circles in EQ2
    5 Questions on EQ2

  • Becoming an Emotion Coach
    Module 1

    Welcome to Module 1
    The Bell Exercise
    How to Stop, Breathe, and Choose
    How to Use Mindfulness
    Mid-Module Questions
    Building Staff Resilience
    You as Emotion Coach Facilitator!
    Module 1 Wrap Up
    Module 1 Quiz

  • Understanding Trauma
    Module 2

    Welcome to Module 2
    The Brain and Trauma
    Increasing Our Empathy
    Mid-Module Questions
    Cool Thoughts and Good Moves
    Meditation as a Resiliency Practice
    Module 2 Wrap Up
    Module 2 Quiz

  • Building EQ2 Relationships
    Module 3

    Welcome to Module 3
    The Core Self
    Toxic Thoughts
    Mid-Module Questions
    Coaching from the Core Self
    The Comfort Pose
    Module 3 Wrap Up
    Module 3 Quiz

  • Where We Come From
    Module 4

    Welcome to Module 4
    Caregiving Styles
    The Power of Praise
    Mid-Module Questions
    Got Boundaries?
    Organizational and Secondary Trauma
    Module 4 Wrap Up
    Module 4 Quiz

  • Preventing Crisis
    Module 5

    Welcome to Module 5
    Brain Hijackings
    MIndful Underreaction Part 1
    Mindful Underreaction Part 2
    Mid-Module Questions
    Competing Needs
    What Went Down
    Module 5 Wrap Up
    Module 5 Quiz

  • Repairing Relationships
    Module 6

    Welcome to Module 6
    Coping with Co-Worker Stress
    Mid-Module Questions
    Use Your Cookie
    Keeping EQ2 Alive
    Module 6 Quiz
    EQ2 Wrap Up
    Brief Survey